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Tezura is a multi-dimensional German Progressive Thrash Metal band, that transpired in late November 2018.

Fast forward, in less than a year since their origination, Tezura delivered a mature, articulate, technical and melodious debut material , “Voices”, a self-produced neoteric EP, released this July (2019).

As the quartet avers, this intense EP is “a glimpse into the future and just the beginning of the journey we are about to embark”.

There is a conceptual feel to the EP and each of the “Voices”, and each song has a standalone story and also adds up to the topic of heteronomy and foreign control as well as dealing with your inner demons”.

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The more you listen to Tezura the more personified and appropriate the title becomes, as not only the conceptual feel of the songs is rendered and conveyed by Tezura’s musicality, technique and narrative line but each member literally voices their instrument in an uninhibited and vocal way.

With a supersonic kickoff, the live performance atmosphere, alert rhythmic breaks, powerful, memorable vocal lines, extended guitar solos, high technical skills. There are progressive overtones throughout the EP, in the sense that the staple Thrash Metal framework of the songs is not limited to it or set to any default melodies or techniques.

There are progressive overtones throughout the Voices, in the sense that the staple Thrash Metal framework of the songs is not limited to it or set to any default melodies or techniques.

The drumming segment is solid and kaleidoscopic, with versatile alternations of rhythms, tempos and tonalities, bringing a new vibe to the old-school, regimented style. The bass lines add substance to the chord progressions and overall melodies with an edgy low growl, leading to complex, solid arrangements.

On Voices, the vocal lines are pure attitude! It embodies diverse techniques, a dominating timbre, loaded with great melodies, harsh choruses, atonal Thrash intonation, punk-like backing vocals.

The daedal workings of the guitars add more musicality and technique to an already complex album. Voicesis abundant in elaborate guitar solos, Thrash Metal rooted structures, dual tritone guitar confrontations, cacophonous distinctions, tight precise riffs and aggressive picking styles.

Tezura’s “Voices”, is a first decisive stride in a clearly ascending direction, a mature, professional, complete material both production wise, as well as music wise, that is bound to become an instant new “old-school” classic!

Timo Kammerer (Guitar / Vocals)
Phil Elste (Guitar)
Max Wopinski (Bass)
Lukas Mayr (Drums)


01. Behind The Glow 06:44
02. Voices 05:14
03. Apotheosis 04:50
04. Sun 05:5

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