All Access Pass (former Metal Around The World) is a one-man project, fuelled by a genuine passion for music and dedicated to supporting and promoting solo artists / bands from all over the world, regardless of :

– the genre you play (I cover any rock – metal extremes, indie, under, new sub styles and genres)

– the fan base you have

– how ample your discography is

– how recent your band or project is

Some of the features of this site include (for now):

– album reviews

– band interviews

– links to your website / bandcamp / store etc to connect your fans and new readers to you and your music / store.

As the “staff” is limited to just one member, I can only reply and cover bands/ solo artists/ materials as they are submitted and, sadly, as time allows.

All bands and material, however, get the same attention and respect, and will be covered.