The Undertaker – Band Interview


THE UNDERTAKER is a Japanese alternative rock band formed in 2021 in Hyakunincho/Shinjuku, consisting of veteran musicians; former members of world-fame bands such as Survive and Aggressive Dogs a.k.a. UZI-ONE.

Their rich influences ranging from rock, blues, country, hardcore and punk are blended into a unique sound.

The start of 2022 brought numerous local live performances and topped with the release of their first self-titled digital EP, “The Undertaker”, in July 2022. 

THE UNDERTAKER have also just inked a deal with Split Screen Management, and are aiming to release their full-length album in 2023. 

The band declared:

“The Undertaker, aka Grave Diggers, is a heavy rock band that will bring out the darkness of this changing world and the pus of society. It is an organization formed for the purpose of burying this wild and FAKE society in a spectacular manner, provoking the world with sometimes serious, sometimes ridiculous actions. We are Rock ‘n’ Roll Beast. Listen to our first EP with all your heart!”

The band comments on signing:

“We are very happy to be part of the Split Screen Management family.  We look forward to seeing you all around the world and seeing what our band and Split Screen Management bring to the world.  Everyone who sees this, please support The Undertaker!”






Nemo – Guitar & Vocal

4410 – Guitar

Gun-Chang – Session bassist

Hon-D – Drums


AAP –  Thank you for your time. What is Undertaker doing now?

Hello, we’re currently doing a lot of live shows in Tokyo, the center of Japan. And now I’m writing a lot of songs. I’m writing it for the new album.


AAP –  Let’s meet the band. Can you tell us a little bit about each member of the band and their role within the group?

First of all, I’m NEMO, guitar vocalist. Mainly writing new riffs and writing lyrics. And at the live, this is the man who is venting his anger at the center. The guitarist is 4410. He is originally from classical music. He does the booking and arrangement publicity for the band. And the drummer is Hong. He is a very studious drummer who is studying a lot of music now. The bassist is a session bassist, but he’s a genius. He can listen to the performance with peace of mind.


AAP –  Is the current line-up stable or are there different musicians joining the live show?

The bassist is a session member. The rest of the line-up is stable. Because we used to be friends. We often drink and play together.

AAP –  For international readers unfamiliar with The Undertaker, can you tell us how it started?

This band just let out what’s inside everyone in the midst of this damned pandemic. I started out playing. However, I made a lot of good songs, so I started showing them in front of everyone. I started playing like a party, but now I’m serious about it.


AAP –  How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?

Our music is a mixture of 90’s alternative, hard rock, hardcore and rock. Of course, it also smells like good old rock. Think of it as a new sound playing with modern sounds.


AAP –  Tell us more about your current EP.

The current EP was originally a demo, but all 4 songs were great songs, so I dropped them into the world. The reaction was good. It was ranked #16 on iTunes. It’s sprinkled with psychedelic vibes, hardcore and rock sounds.

AAP –  How are the songs written, are they collaborative or are they usually led by one of her members?

Where NEMO usually writes riffs and melodies, we jam always. I don’t compromise, but I enjoy it.

AAP –  Where do you get your musical inspiration from?

We find new inspiration in everything we’ve heard, amazing scenery and good times. I like exciting things.

AAP –  What do you like most and dislike about being a musician?

What you like is to be able to live by doing what you like. Even if we are caught in something, it will break that frame. That’s why musicians can’t quit their jobs. What I don’t like is that the world is getting louder and louder. Maybe it’s mostly because of social net media.

AAP –  You just signed a new partnership with Split Screen Management. How did the collaboration come about?

They have been able to maintain a good partnership continuing from my previous band. They work hard for the band. That’s why I love it. Great management company.

AAP –  What’s next for The Undertaker?

I want to make an album. And I want to tour a lot and make new trips!

AAP –  How did you get into music? Was it always part of your life or did you focus on it later on?

I love guitar and it’s been my life since the beginning.

AAP –  Are either of you involved in musical or non-musical side projects?

Right now I’m just concentrating on this band.

AAP –  The year started with quite a few live shows. How has the reaction been so far?

The reaction is good. People are very interested. However, it’s hard to categorize it because it’s a sound I had never heard before.

AAP –  Do you have any upcoming shows?

There are a lot of shows booked, mainly in Tokyo, until the fall. Of course I want to tour Europe if I have the chance.

AAP –  You are a very visual band when playing live. What should fans expect from your show?

We double as a show-up to Rock’s bluntness. That’s why I’m progressing through stages that I can’t read every time. Is that more thrilling?

AAP –  Do you get nervous before the show?

I’m having fun these days, so I’m not nervous. My previous band was always nervous and crazy enough to want to hurt someone.

AAP –  Are there rituals before and after the gig?

I’m quietly concentrating. I train the image of the stage all the time.

AAP –  Do you have any funny or interesting stories from the show so far that you could share with us?

The support guitarist who was in the front drinks a lot. I drink all the time after loading in. And before the stage, after he checked his guitar, he disappeared. it was the best and the worst story so far.

AAP –  Last Question Time – Random Questions. Name at least one thing about Japan that is 100% true and 100% nonsense.

Japan is a very strange country and rock has yet to become a culture. All pop music and idols make me nauseous. This is serious.
Japan has a lot of weird rules. After that, we will act as a group. The audience gets excited, and if one person gets excited, everyone gets excited.

AAP –  If there is anything you would like to share and I may have missed, please do so. We look forward to seeing you in Europe.

See you in Europe! And thank you for your support!


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