Q: How can I get reviewed / interviewed?

A: Just reach out to me via email or the form on the Contact page.

Please, give me about a week or so for an album review. Day job + my keen interest in new music + the fact that I really listen to an album before reviewing it takes a bit longer. Besides, I stand by the “if you can’t write something nice…” principle.

Q: Why did you start this webzine?

A: I am doing this because I love it, but since it is a one man project, I really don’t have as much time as I’d like to. I already lost another website and some >5% salvaged content was added from the previous site.

I decided to give this another try. My goal is to help solo musicians/bands find an audience, cover as many styles and bands as possible, and help music fans discover great new music.

This is not a business. There are no deadlines. No genre limitations. So every band is more than welcome!

Q: What style of music do you cover?

A: I am interested in a variety of styles, so I am open to any musical style, as long as it is under the rock-metal array. In case some particular styles dominate the site, that is because either particular bands with a specific style contacted me or just some bands with the same genre replied back.

For any other questions or suggestions, feel free to drop an email!