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MAtW – Hello Mike, welcome to Metal Around The World! It’s a pleasure to be able to run this interview!

Hello, thank you too, It’s a pleasure for me to be in your magazine and talk with you about our new album.

MAtW – Congrats for an amazing album! Your fourth release is by far the blackest and most brutal so far!

Yes, it’s our fourth album and thank you. I hope you enjoy listen it again. Well this new album is more brutal than the last. When I started to compose the songs, I had no idea of how the album could come out. Every day I tried to hear my feelings and translate them in music, without pressure from anybody. I focused
with Marco on the songwriting and we composed the album in 2 months, and recorded the pre-production for us to hear how the songs play.

MAtW – Why the Enochian “key” phrase “Zodacare Od Zodameranu” as title?

Just the fact that the focus is placed on the title of the album gets to understand that makes effect on the psyche of those who notice. It is not so obvious… We were looking for a title that would express an intention direct and mystical, “Zodacare od Zodameranu” perfectly represents this concept. The themes of the lyrics needed to be presented by a precise command: “Come and Appear”.

MAtW -Your new collab with Giuseppe Orlando was a safe choice since he recorded / mixed your previous album
“The Sun Collapse”?

Well Giuseppe, he’s my friend for many years and also I’m his fan. I like so much as he plays the drums, the style how he plays and arranges the songs in his bands, “Novembre” and “The Foreshadowing” nowadays. Also I like so much how he records the drums in his studio in Rome. Really killer natural drums. This time we recorded at the Outersound studios only the Drums, the mix and mastering process was done at Hertz studio. When we started with recording process I wanted to have a different sound than “The Sun Collapse”, more brutal with a different mixing. I mean not a typical standard Black Metal release but something different, more oriented in Death Metal music as final production.

MAtW – You hit three major studios to produce this album: Outer Sound Studios, Destroyer Studios and Hertz Studios. How did recording sessions go this time around?

How I said in the last question, I decided to record in 3 different studio because I wanted the best result for the new album. We went to Rome for the drums recording, then we recorded the all instruments in my home studio (Destroyer Studio) and the mix and mastering process were done at Hertz Studio. This work on the new album took six months but I’m satisfied of how the album’s sound come out. Powerful but all instruments are clear on the listening.

MAtW – How did you come to work with Marcelo Vasco?

He is a really friendly and killer artist for the artwork covers, he is a musicians and he play with Black Metal band called Patria, so when I received the first preview of the album I said myself, killer really what I want for this new album. He suggested to us to adjust somethings here and there and he told us the best solutions to realize a very killer packaging. He works really fast, so we had the packaging ready before finishing the album, and if I asked him some changes, the new preview was done in 30 minutes. Well, he did a killer work and I think for the next time to cooperate again with Marcelo.

MAtW – There is both a black and a clean death metal ring and vibe to “Zodacare Od Zodameranu”. It this sound a natural evolution as a result of your constant line up changes? Or was it a sought direction?

The line up change gives to the band a new fresh input for to compose and every new members have their style for playing their instrument. But I think this time the point is that we compose what we feel. If the song plays killer ok! We compose what we want to listen around or in our stereo, the music that we like. I agree with you there are some Death Metal influences into the sound because when I started to listen metal many years ago, my favorites bands came from USA and now I like more Death / Brutal Metal, then I switched to listen in mid 90’s to the new horde of scandinavian Black Metal and then I started to appreciate this kind of music too but my favorite music remains the US Death Metal, and it’s simple when I compose these my influences come out.

MAtW – Shyaithan of Impiety and Nachtgarm of Negator / Dark Funeral are featured on this album. Can you share some more details on how the collab went?

From the beginning I never thought to have guests on the album, then when we finished the pre production I spoke with Marco and we talked about guests and we thought immediately who can sing our songs as vocal style and most important thing if the guests liked the songs, at that time I thought to contact Shyaithan, I’m in contact with him for friendship and also because he wrote that our previous album liked him so much, and I said: why not? I asked him to be a guest on new album, I sent the song and he listened carefully and he said ok killer song I want to sing on it. I was really happy that a mighty musician likes my song. For Nachtgarm we are facebook friend and sometimes we shared some messages and also some informations .. and i said:” i can ask him because i like his vocal style also I’m a fan of his band Negator! and i asked him and he was agree to sing on “The third obsidian”. he came here in italy to record his vocals and it was a nice week end. he is a really friendly guy and helped me during the recording and for to arrange vocal line of the song. and i thank both for their availability and friendship.

MAtw – Who writes music in Stigmhate? What’s the creational process like?

In ‘ the sun collapse ‘ i written all songs and I also took care about the vocal lines. For ‘” Zodacare'” I composed the songs with Marco. it was very important because there was an alchemy for to compose and create new killer songs. Marco also listens different music and these influences have given to us many ideas in the songwriting process to write down.

MAtW – Just how much freedom is there in Stigmhate when it comes to writing music?

There is full freedom, everybody can give a contribution to write new songs, I’m not a dictator. I’m a dictator for other things about schedule plan, or other things as deadline and so on. in these case yes! because i like to be in line with the work not loose time in other no sense things.

MAtW – You guys are involved in various other projects: Valkiria, Virus Of Koch, Devotion Omega. Any available updates?

well I can say something about on Valkiria , it is my side project, this year I’m composing new material for the new album, and more or less we will start the recording session in 2015, Now our previous albums are released by a Russian label, small but so professional, they released our firsts two album and there will be another two previous album to be
release till to arrive to the new one.For this third and fourth album, Valkus ( band member in valkiria), he takes care about all that. about the other bands they are Matia’s side project. I know that the albums were released in this period and they sound very old school black metal, if you have a possibility to listen something, well give them a listening. they released two killer albums so far.

MAtW – When you started back in 1998, what was the most difficult factor that you had to overcome?

I can say in that period there was less difficult than nowadays. When i started as stigmhate, the things were more simple, there were many supports from the persons. The important factor was to spread the name in everywhere through tape trading, flyers and so on, you could do really friendship in this way, now all bands, musicians know each other and they do promotion via facebook but it’s another way maybe it’s more simple more easy. back 98′ you had to do packages, write letters and promote your band with concert, the crowd came to see your band because they could not listen nothing on internet.i mean it was difficult but I could see the fans in face, now I see the fans via PC , and it’s not the same thing, it’s very sad you know what i mean.

13. Just how important is a band’s image nowadays? It all goes hand in hand, so just how much musical

credibility is conveyed by music on one hand and the image.

13. I think that the most important thing is the music than the band’s image, you can create an amazing

image with Photoshop, I can to call a well know artist that take care about this side of the band’s work,

but if the music is not at the same level it’s not so important, i prefer and i always say music first then the image.

14. What does your touring agenda look like now?

14. we are planning some shows during autumn until december, also we’re looking for 2015. i think we will play as much as possible with the year to come.

we want to promote our new album as better as possible, but we have some other surprise in our minds so stay tuned.

15. What’s your take on downloading music?

15. well it depends how you use the download. most of fans use that tool for not buy and support the band.

and in general this abuse of downloading creates a damages, because the bands have to invest more money for to release new stuff.

I think that the downloading is a great tool that companies created but i think there must be a control

from the copyrights company out there. I remember when megaupload was closed in the United states for copyright

infringement, and no one can watch movie now. well i think could be nice to do the same with the music.

but i dont know if something moves in this direction. i think can be a new era for the music businnes and

increase the selling of cd or any other versions as Vinyl and for the legal download.

16. What are some things you have NO respect for. Both in general and as far as music goes?

16. there are so many things if you mean in general…life and so on.. long list for to write here.

about the music, i think in general the music business asks money for everything, but it depends on what they are asked ,

but normally everybody asks money for all. there is no meritocracy and dignity

for the bands that deserve success, and you’ll see poor albums out there only because the band is full of money.

i know there are so many band, great bands as music and great musicians but they haven’t the right success as

other band. i don’t respect anyone who want to steal money from underground bands only for to earn money behind the back.

more simple and easy. back to the subject in general i have no respect for the politicians, and i can say more

about italian government, really rats , thief ,they steal money. and the real damages go to the honest workers and the italian people.

but we are the guilties to not do something for to change the situations, only words and nothing. so i say you deserve what happened.

17. Stigmhate songs you are most proud of?

17. I am proud of every song that I composed.

and there is not no song I do not like all the songs were composed in the same way and in a

significant period of my life. so every song is a piece of my life.

18. You have been doing this for 16 years now. What’s your feedback on the Italian metal scene?

Both as an artist and… fan?

18. These last 16 years were full of line up problems, only with the last 2 albums we had a real promotion

by the label, so the feedback about the reviews and interviews were really nice and more peoples outside italy have

listened the previous album and the new one also. I’m very satisfied about these 2 years of hard work for to release


well Italy, i have some long time friends that i talk more often, for the rest we don’t have a really support from

fans and other persons inside the music businnes. Yes we got some great reviews from Italian magazines, but that’s all.

No one want to say you that you did a great job or you composed a great album, there is no cooperation and no support but only fight

between musicians and only bad words behind your back from well know italian people.

For to understand the situation, I received more orders for Valkiria’s Album from everywhere in the world and no one ordered from italy,

just to tell you the situation here.

and same situation is for stigmhate. maybe something move right now because for Zodacare we received some orders from Italy, but

there is very small support from the our motherland and these facts make me thinking on.

For the rest of world, yes we have a lot of support, South America, US, and many other countries. and make me

really happy that they like our music out there.

19. You’ll be playing the November to Dismember Metal Fest in Bucharest. Any expectations?

19. well it’s a great opportunity to promote our album, and play to this respectable Festival.

so I’m excited to take the stage and play a really intense set list.

to the fans in Romania see you there!

20. Last question, the random question. If you had not been born in this century,

when and where would you have lived?

20.haha, nice, well sincerely I don’t know… please give me 2 seconds.. mmm.. well I like so much the last century

I mean 1800 till 1900. i like more because there were more revolutions under any point of views.

industries, factories. also because i like this historical period.

21. Many thanks for taking the time to do this interview! Cannot wait to finally see you guys live?

If there is anything else you would like to add, please do so!

21. thank you for nice interview and to give us the possibility to be present on your magazine.

hehe, for sure as I said before, we will take no prisoners in November to the festival.

so hey folks see you at the festival and thank you to all fans in Romania for great support they gave us till now. i appreciate it very much.

for other news about the band you can check our facebook profile at facebook.com/stigmhate. Horns Up!!!

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